Jenny-Wanda Barkmann

Jenny-Wanda Barkmann (1922- July 4, 1946) was a guardian of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II .

He is believed to have spent his childhood in Hamburg , Germany . In 1944 was destined to the concentration camp of Stutthof , like guardian, where it mistreated and tortured prisoners, arriving in cases to cause the death. She was also in charge of selecting women and children for the gas chambers . It was so severe that the prisoners called it the “beautiful spectrum.” 1

Barkmann escaped from Stutthof as the Red Army approached. She was arrested in May 1945 while trying to get away from a train station in Gdańsk . She was charged in the Stutthof trials , where she and other defendants were convicted of their crimes in the concentration camp. It has been alleged that he laughed during the trial, 1 flirted with his guards in the prison and apparently arranged his hairstyle while the testimonies were heard. She was found guilty, after which she stated: “Life is really a pleasure, and pleasures are often brief . 2

Barkmann was executed in public by hanging with ten other defendants , in Gdańsk on July 4, 1946. She was about 24 years old and was the first to be hanged. 3


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