Jacques de Mahieu

Jacques de Mahieu ( Paris , France , 31 October of 1915 – Buenos Aires , Argentina , 4 October of 1990 ) was a philosopher , sociologist and anthropologist Franco-Argentine, and politician in Argentina.


Senior French pro – Nazi of the Vichy regime . He was part of the 33rd Grenadier Division SS Charlemagne Volunteers in the Waffen-SS .

After the invasion allied to Europe and the consequent defeat of the European fascisms fled to Argentina .

Once a naturalized Argentine, he became one of the many ideologues of the Justicialist movement during the 1940s (he participated in the research and writing of the reform of the Argentine Constitution of 1949). During the sixties he was mentor to several young militants of the nationalist organization Tacuara , from which the Argentine guerrilla organizations Montoneros , FAP (Peronist Armed Forces) andERP (Revolutionary Army of the People).

His anthropological, political, economic and sociological work fused ideas of racial context in the political-anthropological aspect, with an anti -capitalism of socializing tendency in the economic.

De Mahieu developed a community economics project (about which he will theorize in his work “The Community Economy” of 1964) in the region of Cuyo (west of Argentina), during the government of Juan Domingo Perón . The advent of the coup government that overthrew Peronism in September 1955 , made it disjointed because it was considered “a communist practice.”

He maintained the idea that the American Indian population has an Aryan origin . According to De Mahieu, the present population of the Americas would be descended from ancient Vikings arriving to the mainland before Christopher Columbus . This thesis was followed by Miguel Serrano , the influential Chilean neo-Nazi , who cited him as an authority.

The work of Roberto Bardini Tacuara, gunpowder and blood accounts for the thought and influence of Jacques de Mahieu on the young people who made up the Tacuara organization .

He directed the international nationalist organization CEDADE (Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe) in Argentina until his death in 1990. He was an active supporter of eugenics theses and the racial worldview of the New European Order .


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