It’s my life, after all!

It’s my life, after all! ( Whose Life Is It Anyway? ) Is an American film directed by John Badham , released in 1981 .


As a result of a road accident, Ken Harrison, a sculptor, finds himself suffering from a quadriplegia . He, so active once, becomes dependent on his entourage and quickly sinks into depression. He contemplates euthanasia but finds himself in the hands of the doctor who treated him, who is a fierce opponent of this practice. We think of interning him to prevent him from putting an end to his life. Ken Harrison then turns to a lawyer and engages in a mediated trial to bring his case to a successful conclusion.

Data sheet

  • Title: It’s my life, after all!
  • Original title: Whose Life Is It Anyway?
  • Directed by: John Badham
  • Screenplay: Brian Clark and Reginald Rose , based on Brian Clark’s play
  • Production: Lawrence P. Bachmann
  • Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Music: Arthur B. Rubinstein
  • Photography: Mario Tosi
  • Editing: Frank Morriss
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Format: Colors – 2,35: 1 – Mono – 35 mm
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Duration: 119 minutes
  • Release Date: December 2, 1981


  • Richard Dreyfuss (VF: Bernard Murat ) : Ken Harrison
  • John Cassavetes : D r Michael Emerson
  • Christine Lahti : D r Clare Scott
  • Bob Balaban : Carter Hill
  • Kenneth McMillan : Judge Wyler
  • Kaki Hunter : Mary Jo Sadler
  • Thomas Carter : Orderly John
  • Alba Oms : Nurse Rodriguez
  • Janet Eilber : Pat
  • Kathryn Grody : Mrs. Boyle
  • George Wyner : D r Jacobs
  • Mel Stewart : D r Barr
  • Lyman Ward : a doctor

Around the film

  • Part of the shoot was in Columbus Park and Faulkner Hospital in Boston .
  • The original title of the film Whose Life Is It Anyway? Was hijacked for the title of the Anglo-American theatrical improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway? . In the DVD editions, the French subtitles present the name of the show as C’est ma réplique , après tout! .