Institute for Historical Review

The Institute for Historical Review ( Institute for Historical Review – IHR) is a diffusing institution of the conspiracy theories of Holocaust denial .


Created in 1978 by the founder of the British National Party , William David McCalden in collaboration with Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby , Harry Elmer Barnes and AJ Taylor, the IHR was the chief spokesman of Carto until its expulsion of the same in 1994 . For his part, McCalden, hidden behind the name of Lewis Brandon, was the first director of the IHR . He later took his place Tom Marcellus, now linked to the Church of Scientology .

Since the year 2000, the IHR has experienced a clear decline due to the scarcity of economic and human resources it suffers. Part of its editorial committee has since been renewed, leaving some of its best known members, as in the case of Arthur R. Butz.

In their congresses, known as “International Revisionist Conferences”, celebrated since 1979, members of the Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe ( CEDADE ) have participated in World Anti Communist League (WACL) militants. Thus, in its first convention, celebrated in 1980, the IHR served as tribune for well-known Nazi-fascism apologists, despite being offered to the media as an open and objective entity.

In addition to his books, the IHR publishes the magazines “IHR Newsletter”, “IHR Update” and “Journal of Historical Review” through Noontide Press, part of Legion for Survival of Freedom Inc. Since 1994 , year in which Willis Carto was expelled, the continuity of the “Journal” has been repeatedly challenged by economic problems, a matter that would demonstrate the importance of Carto for the organization in the economic level. Despite this, even without the financial support of Carto, the IHR still has different and very effective means of distribution around the world with which it facilitates its racist propaganda to practically all the relevant neo-Nazi groups.

The main current campaign of the IHR is a campaign in favor of the release of Ernst Zündel , detained in the United States and currently in prison in Canada .

Among the architects of the IHR and its periodicals, several authors should be noted for their importance in denying the Holocaust, such as the Italian Carlo Mattogno who has written against the low academic level of some critics of Holocaust denialism. 1

The IHR had some involvement in the indoctrination of neo – Nazis . Essential for his involvement in the defense of Ernst Zündel are Robert Faurisson , a linguistics professor expelled from the University of Lyon, William Lindsay, Ditlieb Felderer, a Swedish citizen emigrated after his conviction for incitement to racial hatred, and Mark Weber, a graduate in History at The University of Indiana. Weber is the current editor of the IHR’s “Journal” and former head of National Alliance’s National Vanguard magazine. He is the only titled historian of the IHR, although he lacks the doctorate. As for Theodore J. O’Keefe, outside the IHR since 1995, he has never had a title, while Henri Roques obtained his irregularly in Nantes after being rejected in Paris, reason why it was retired already in 1986. Still less credible are Greg Raven, a fervent admirer of Hitler , and Udo Walendy, who came to offer himself as an advisor to an apologetic memorial of Nazism in Germany.


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