Informe Gerstein

It is known as the Gerstein Report written testimony by Kurt Gerstein , SS officer , of his visit to the Nazi extermination camp of Belzec during the summer of 1942 in his capacity as Director of Waffen-SS Hygiene Services . The document was used during the Nuremberg Trials as evidence of the Holocaust . 1 2

Si bien su autenticidad histórica está demostrada, contiene algunas inexactitudes que, periódicamente, son utilizadas desde el campo negacionista para desinformar acerca del exterminio nazi.2 1

Gerstein was a direct witness to the entire process of extermination, from the entrance to the camp of the prisoners, the plunder of their valuables, their classification and conditioning, their extermination and their subsequent burial. He witnessed the murder of six thousand people, a scene for which he was neither prepared nor professionally, nor because they had previously informed him of his arrival. 1 2


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