In swirls

En Remolinos ” is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , released on the album Dynamo , the band’s studio album.


… In the letter was formed the idea of ​​the possibility of dreaming of a paradise in the middle of the storm, and that is a madness to which we had not agreed as a group compositively speaking. He has the romantic heroism of the most typical Soda Stereo, but in this case he is leaning on a rung of noise. Talk about blossoming, like the guitar constantly sending information. I relied on several things to transcribe that feeling of calm in the storm. “Blossom looking into your eyes, perfection” encloses that same, the tenderness after violence, the perfect place that can be found in the midst of madness. We live a time of change personally, I’m living it, Charly and Zeta too, and that goes directly on the disc. This was a tremendous year, very intense, where many things happened, and that had an effect on us. Said Cerati in one of his interviews.


The song starts with synthesizers, followed by Cerati’s guitar. Then the battery begins. The bass begins when Cerati sings the dissonant. When the song ends, the riff that starts Spring 0 is heard . Like the rest of the disc, this song is strongly influenced by noise and shoegazing, with a dense mix, characterized by layers of sound and distortions.

Live appearances

It appears on all tours after the Dynamo joined Spring 0 , except for the Comfort Tour and music to fly . The only version of the song known is the Gira Me Verás Volver , but there are other versions filtered on the internet, such as the Last Concert , the presentation in the Polyhedron of Caracas during the Dynamo Tour , and the Gran Rex Theater , During the Stereo Dream Tour .