I take you to take me

I take you to take me ” is a song and the simple debut of the Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati , written by himself. It stands out that the Chilean model and wife of Cerati in those years Cecilia Amenábar , sings next to him the song. It was released as the first single from her first solo album Love Yellow , which was released in parallel with her career with Soda Stereo .


Gustavo stated that this album mixed several sensations, such as the release of his first solo album and especially was marked by the early arrival of his first son Benito . He said he was aware of and fascinated by this event. Due to this, that his wife Cecilia sings and appears in video clip and also by the lyrics, it was believed that the song was dedicated to his son. Cecilia in an interview, 20 years after the release of the album, clarified that the song described their relationship as a couple.

“It was him taking me and me to him, from one place to another, on the mountain, on the plane. We were always on the street dancing or singing. (…) And once he was free on the Dynamo tour in Venezuela , we went out to an amusement park. That’s where you started taking me and I’ll take you. When I returned to the hotel, I was writing the letter with the notebook. ” 1


Like all yellow Love , Cerati plays most of the instruments, although in the few live versions of this song in those years (since this disc did not have tour of presentation), it played with a band and the same Cecilia Amenábar it touched the low. The lyrics of the song are not very long and are played completely with acoustic guitar. The guitar starts and after sounding for a while without company begins the drums and bass. The voice of Cecilia begins, until the refrain arrives in which Gustavo sings. And then this same order is repeated.

At the end of the song, after many effects of sounds generated by a sampler , you hear the beats of Benito’s heart, inside Cecilia’s womb. After this the song is paired without pauses to ” Pulsar ” (also simple).


The music video was directed by Argentines Daniel Bohm and Pablo Fischerman in Santiago de Chile . In the video they appear Gustavo and Cecilia interpreting the song. As a curiosity, she presents an advanced state of pregnancy with which she expected the first child of the couple and each one, Benito. Probably because of the above, in a moment of the video appear inside a room with children’s toys, resembling a baby’s room and at the end of the song sit on the floor to play.

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  • The song is joined musically without pauses with Pulsar through sounds generated by sampler.
  • Given the participation of his ex-wife (Cecilia Amenábar) in the original song, Cerati summons other female voices to supplant her in the recitals. It stands out Fabiana Cantilo (in 2004) and Anita Álvarez de Toledo (Natural Strength Tour 2009-10).


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