I do not need to see you (To find out)

I do not need to see you (To find out) is a simple song from the album Rex Mix of Argentine rock band Soda Stereo


The letter was written by Gustavo Cerati for Cecilia Amenábar . In July 1991 Gustavo gave him a letter with lyrics that later became a song, in the time that they still had a relationship at a distance and in secret.

When the first anniversary of Cerati’s ACV was fulfilled, Cecilia decided to publish it to the Editorial Profile in a manner of homage.

“If he once dedicated that to me, now he goes to me with all my love” 1


The music was composed by Gustavo Cerati with Daniel Melero .

When you start the song you hear the sound of synthesizers with mixers and the bass of Zeta, then begins the battery of Charly. Before the choir, Cerati’s guitar is heard and continues until the solo instrument ends, after which only the drum and bass are heard. Through the song you can listen to a distorted fraction of the chorus of the Come Together theme of the group Primal Scream (the promotional version of the video clip ) ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUjW82je_38 )


There are four versions of the song, three are known and one unknown

  • The first is track number 4 on the Rex Mix album .
  • The second is the remix of the song as track # 5 of the album Rex Mix with the title I do not need to see (Krupa mix) . This begins with the guitar of Cerati, then the bass of Zeta is heard, and the song begins as the solo of the original version. It was included in the album Zone of promesas (Mixes 1984-1993) of 1993, being this the track nº8 of this disc.
  • The third is another remix of the song also included in the album Rex Mix as the last track of the album with the title I do not need to see (Candombe Mix) , which consists of the percussion and basses of the original.
  • The fourth and unknown version is that of the Last Concert Tour , it was not put either in the CD version or in the DVD , in this version there are three versions, one is the one made at the River Plate stadium , the other is the made In the National Stadium and the last made in Monterrey in the Coca-Cola Auditorium, the versions of Mexico City and Venezuela are not found for now.


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