Hugo Höllenreiner

Hugo Adolf Höllenreiner (n. Munich , 15 of September . 1933 – f October to June of 2015 ) is a survivor of Porraimos of the Nazis .


Hugo Höllenreiner received his second name “Adolf” to protect him against the Nazi threat. However, he was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp , where Josef Mengele performed medical experiments with him and his brother. Hugo Höllenreiner was deported to the concentration camp of Ravensbrück , Mauthausen and Bergen-Belsen .

All five of his brothers and their parents survived. Since the 90s, Hugo Höllenreiner gives lectures on his experiences. Fixing your residence in Ingolstadt .

You will receive the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Award in May 2013. 1

Literature, movies and music

The writer Anja Tuckermann told her story in the book “Denk nicht, wir bleiben hier” and was awarded in Germany for this book. There is also a documentary film about his life called “Angelus Mortis”. In 2008 Adrian Coriolan Gaspar had some interviews with Höllenreiner and then he has composed the orchestral work “Symphonia Romani – Bari Duk” using his memories.


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