House (song)

Casa ” is the name of a song by Gustavo Cerati . It was written by this and Flavio Etcheto , and appeared originally on the album Siempre es hoy .

Letter and sounds

The song starts with a small beep , as if it were a push button. By this beginning, the song would later be placed immediately after It is only an illusion , in the album compilation Songs chosen 93-04 , because that song ends with sounds of buttons pressing, thus giving the idea in that album that these two songs go One after the other.

The song, curiously, has nothing to do with a house. The lyrics are somewhat ambiguous, poetic and surreal. The song begins with, “I want a house, I want a hangar, and a launching tower.” Another line is, “You already cleaned the house, you cleaned your body, now you have the time.” These two lines are the only ones of the song that mention its title.

The central parts of the song are made by a female voice, and Cerati accompanies it. One line that is mentioned in these fragments is, “Is the madness that makes us … dance?”.

Through the song, there are electronic sounds, mixed with electric guitars. This is, in fact, the general sound of the disc.

Versions remix (Reversiones: It is always today)

Casa returned to appear in the double album Reversiones: It is always today , a Cerati album with songs from Siempre es hoy , in remix form . Appeared twice, once on each disc. In the version of vinyl, appeared the version of the first disc.

House / Leandro Fresco + Gus remix (Disco 1)

The version of the first disc of Reversiones is much more electronic than the original version. It was mixed of the original song, by Leandro Fresco and Gustavo Cerati .

The song begins with the sound of a saucer of battery upside down. The song is very different from the original, although the voices are not changed. There are many more electronic sounds than the original, while the guitars are different. This version lasts more than five minutes, longer than the original version. This version was played in the concerts, during the tour of Always is today .

The song, at the beginning, sounds pretty similar to ” Funky town ” by the band ” Lipps Inc “. Coincidence or not, this resemblance has never been discussed.

House / Kinky remix (Disco 2)

«Home / Kinky»
Song of Gustavo Cerati
CD Reversions: It’s Always Today
Publication 2003 as part of CD 2.
Duration 4:31
Record Sony / BMG
Writer (s) Gustavo Cerati / Flavio Etcheto
Producer (s) Gustavo Cerati
Reversiones : It’s Always Today
” I do not believe you ”
«House / Kinky»
« Sudestada »
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The second disc version of Reversals is much more rock than the original version. It was mixed of the original song, by Kinky .

This version begins with a guitar riff repeating itself until reaching the maximum volume. It is interrupted by the drums and other sounds that give the general structure of the song. The guitar reappears several more times.

This version is also very different from the original. Curiously, in this version, you hardly hear the voice of Cerati. Only parts of the female voice of the original song are used. The only thing Cerati hears is an “Oh”, at the 3:08 moment of the song.

This version lasts almost the same as the original (3 seconds less), despite having a completely different structure.


The song appeared in the following albums:

  • Always is today
  • Reversions: It’s always today
  • Selected songs 93-04

Technical data

  • Gustavo Cerati : voice, guitar ” Pensa-Shur “, 1 synthes, mpc, Rodhes, bass and schedules.
  • Flavius ​​Etcheto : laptop, guitar and sampler
  • Leandro Fresco : choruses, synths, sampler, Rodhes and percussion
  • Fernando Nalé : bass and double bass
  • Pedro Moscuzza : drums and percussion
  • Déborah De Corral : female voice 2


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