Hitler’s Testament

Adolf Hitler died on April 30, 1945; The concrete cause of his death was suicide by a shot in the head and cyanide poisoning. There was a lot of speculation about his death since the remains of him or his wife were never found and it was said that he could have survived at the end of World War II The opening in 1993 of the files kept by the Russian KGB and FSB Confirmed the widely accepted version that Hitler’s death was as described by Hugh Trevor-Roper in his book “The Last Days of Hitler” published in 1947.


The night of April 29, 1945 after marrying Eva Braun , his secretary Traudl Junge, and others were preparing for the ruling of his will. Adolf Hitler wrote his last wills where he names his successor in the state of government, entrusting him with the mission to continue the fight, beyond his death, until the total collapse. The dicatmen lasted a little more than two hours and prepared four copies, which went to their destinations. Hitler signed these documents at 04:00 and then retired to sleep (some sources indicate that Hitler dictated his last will and testament shortly before his marriage, but all sources agree at the time of signing). As executor and testamentary minister of the party was appointed Martin Bormann and as chancellor of the new government appointed Joseph Goebbels . For this he expelled Göring and Himmler from the party and from all his functions, for having betrayed him.


“More than thirty years have passed since in 1914 I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the First World War to which the Reich was forced.

In those three decades I have acted, only out of love and loyalty to my people in all my thoughts, actions and life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions that no mortal has ever had to face. In it I have used my life, my effort at work and my health, during these three decades.

It is not true that I, or anyone else in Germany, wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those statesmen who have been Jewish or have worked for Jewish interests. I have made many offers for the control and limitation of armaments, which can not be forgotten by posterity, so that the responsibility of the beginning of the war is cast upon me.

Nor have I ever wished that after the fatal First World War a second against England, or even the United States, would be unleashed. Centuries will pass, but from the ruins of our cities and monuments, hatred will reappear against those ultimately responsible – to whom we must all thank all that has happened – International Judaism and its followers.

Three days before the beginning of the war between Germany and Poland, I proposed to the British ambassador in Berlin a solution to the German-Polish problem, similar to that of the Saarland case, under international control. The existence of this offer can not be denied either. It was rejected only by the leading circles of British politics who wanted the war, partly because of the possibilities of business and partly because of the influence of propaganda organized by international Judaism.

I have also made it very clear that if the peoples of Europe were once again considered mere bonds, which can be bought and sold, in money and financial interests, by those international conspirators, then those conspirators, the Jews, who are the real Criminals in this murderous conflict, should be held accountable.

I also want no one to have any doubts, this time they have succeeded not only in starving millions of Aryan children in Europe; Young men have suffered death and not only hundreds of thousands of women and children have been bombed and burned to death in the cities, without the real criminals having expiated their guilt, not even by human means.

After six years of war, which despite the obstacles will be remembered someday as the most glorious and courageous manifestation of the will of a nation’s life, I can not leave the city that is the capital of this Reich. As the forces are very meager to attempt any opposition against enemy attacks, and because our resistance has been weakened by the men who have deceived us by their lack of initiative, by staying in this city I want to share my destiny with the Other millions of men who have decided to do the same. Nor do I want to fall into the hands of an enemy, who will want to present a new spectacle organized by the Jews, to the joy of the hysterical masses.

Therefore I have decided to remain in Berlin and freely choose death at the moment when I believe that the position of the Führer and the Chancellery itself can no longer be defended.

I am happy with my heart, aware of the incalculable legacies and achievements of our soldiers at the front, of our women at home, the achievements of our peasants and workers in their work, and the unique contribution in history of the youths who lead my name.

To them, from the bottom of my heart, I express my gratitude to you, as it is evident that it is my desire that you, therefore, under no circumstances abandon the struggle in this contest but rather continue it, against the enemies of our mother Homeland, no matter where, faithful to the creed of Clausewitz. The sacrifice of our soldiers and my communion with them in death will never disappear from the history of Germany, the seed of the radiant rebirth of the National Socialist movement and therefore of a true community of nations.

Many of the brave men and women have decided to unite their lives with mine. Until the last moment I have begged and finally ordered them, not to do it and take part in the last battle of the nation. I have asked the leaders of the Army, Navy and Air Force to strengthen by all means the spirit of resistance of our soldiers in the National Socialist sense, with special reference to the fact that I, myself, as creator and founder of that Movement, I preferred death to coward abdication or worse capitulation.

In future, it should be part of the code of honor of the German officer, as is currently our navy, that rendering a district or a city is impossible, and above all, our leaders should march forward as gleaming examples, fulfilling With faith his obligation to death.

Before my death, I expelled the former Marshal of the Reich Hermann Göring from the party and stripped him of all the rights he could enjoy under the decree of June 29, 1941; And also by virtue of my manifesto in the Reichstag on June 29, 1939. I appoint Grand Admiral Dönitz as President of the Reich and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Before my death, the former Reichsfuehrer-SS and Minister of the Interior, Heinrich Himmler, were expelled from the party and from all state offices. Instead I appointed Gauleiter Karl Hanke as Reichsfehrer-SS and Chief of the German Police and appointed Gauleiter Paul Giesler as Minister of the Interior of the Reich.

Goering and Himler, totally apart from their disloyalty to me, have done enormous damage to the country and to the whole nation, in secret negotiations with the enemy, which they conducted without my consent and against my wishes, and in attempting to illegally enjoy powers Of the State.

In order to give the German people a government composed of honorable men, a government that can satisfy their desire to continue the war by all means, I appoint the following members of the new cabinet of leaders of the nation:

President of the Reich: Dönitz Chancellor of the Reich: Dr. Goebbels Minister of the Party: Bormann Minister of Foreign Affairs: Seyß-Inquart Minister of the Interior: GauleiterGiesler Minister of War: Dönitz Supreme Commander of the Army: Schörner Supreme Commander of the Navy: Dönitz Supreme Commander of the Aviation: Greim Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police: Gauleiter Hanke Economy: Funk Agriculture: Backe Justice: Thierack Culture: Dr.Scheel Propaganda: Dr.Naumann Finance: Schwerin-Crossigk Work: Dr.Hupfauer Armament : Saur Director of the National Organization of the Labor Front and Associate Member of the Reich Cabinet: Reichsminister Dr. Robert Ley.

As a number of such men, such as Martin Borman, Dr. Goebbels, etc., together with their wives, joined me of their own volition and do not wish to leave the capital of the Reich under any circumstances, but wish to perish with me here, I must Ask them to obey my request, and in this case yield their own interests to the interests of the nation, above all their feelings.

For their loyal work as comrades, they will be very close to me after death, as well as the desire for my spirit to endure and always follow them. Let them be strict, but never unjust, but above all, do not let fear guide their actions, and put the honor of the nation above all things in the world. Finally, allow them to be aware of the fact that our obligation, which is to continue the construction of the National Socialist State, means the work of centuries to come, which will place each individual person under the obligation to always serve the common interest and subordinate their Own interests to that end. I demand that all Germans, all National Socialists, men, women and all men of the Armed Forces be faithful and obedient, even to death, to the new government and its President.

Above all, I entrust to the leaders of the nation and to all their subordinates the scrupulous observation of the laws of race and the merciless opposition to the poisoners of peoples, international Judaism. ”

Last Wills

“Since I considered that I should not accept responsibility during the years of conflict to get married, I have now decided, before concluding my career on earth, to take the wife, who after many years of faithful friendship, entered into marriage. To the besieged city of their own volition, with the purpose of sharing their destiny with me.

By her own desire, she will go to death as my wife.

That will compensate us, so we both lost by my work at the service of the people.

What I own belongs to the Party. If this no longer exists, the State; If the state is also destroyed, it does not take a final decision of mine.

My paintings, in the collections I have bought over the course of the years, were never collected for private purposes, but as an extension of the gallery of my house in Linz ad Donau. It is my sincere wish that this legacy be duly executed.

I designate as my Albacea, my most loyal Party comrade, Martin Bormann.

To him I give my maximum legal authority, so that I take everything that has a sentimental value or that is necessary to maintain a modest and simple life to my brothers and sisters, especially also for the mother of my wife and my collaborators who Are well-known by him, mainly, my secretaries without equal, Frau Winter, etc. Who for many years helped me in my work.

I, personally, and my wife, to escape the disgrace of deposition or capitulation, we have chosen death.

The document ended thus: “My wife and I opted for death to escape the reproach of dismissal or capitulation. It is our will that we are immediately incinerated in the place where I have carried out most of my daily work in the course of twelve years of service to my people. ” 1

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