Hitler cell

The cell Hitler , also called the quarter of Hitler in Nazi language use, was the cell number 7 of the ancient fortress of Landsberg in the town of Landsberg am Lech , in which Adolf Hitler was incarcerated in 1924. This cell Was used as part of National Socialist propaganda from 1933 to 1945.

The time of imprisonment of Hitler

After the Ludendorff coup (known as the brewery putsch ) in 1923, Adolf Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison. In what would later become known as the cell of Hitler, he dictated parts of My struggle and led a privileged life of prisoner in a spacious environment thanks to the generous gifts of those who supported him, with a copious diet. After nine months, Hitler obtained parole in late 1924 for good conduct.

The cell as part of National Socialist propaganda

After the Nazi takeover in 1933, Hitler’s jail cell became the goal of National Socialist tourism to Landberg, then known as “the city of youth.” In it the memory of the supposed hard life of prisoner full of privations of Adolf Hitler had to be kept. The leader of the Hitler Youth , Baldur von Schirach , called Landsberg “the place of pilgrimage of German youth” and “base of National Socialist education”.

In 1937, the town of Landsberg named Hitler’s cell as a “national sanctuary.” After attending the National Congress of the party in Nuremberg in 1937 and 38, the Hitler Youth made a pilgrimage to Landsberg in the so-called accession march, and visited Hitler’s cell, where they were given a copy of My Struggle . In 1938, more than 100,000 people visited the city and went to see the cell.

Postwar and current use

In 1945, the US occupation forces dismantled the cell completely so that it could not serve as a pilgrimage site for Hitler’s followers, so that it only maintained the facade. The empty space now serves as a common courtroom of the Landsberg courts. Visitors are not allowed in.


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