Hin und weg

Hin und weg (international title: Tour de force 1 ) is a German filmdirected by Christian Zübert , released in 2014 .


Each year, Hannes, Kiki, Michael, Mareike, Finn and Dominik make a bicycle trip. This year, Hannes and his wife Kiki decide the destination. Starting from Frankfurt am Main, the tour will end in front of the sea in Ostend , Belgium.

During the trip, the cyclists learn that it will be the last of Hannes. He is affected by ALS , the disease is incurable. Hannes has known the diagnosis for some time, but did not say anything because he did not want to overwhelm his friends. Marked by the same illness as his father, he chose Belgium to ask for euthanasia . This causes misunderstanding and the cycling tour threatens to become a disaster.

During the trip, friends meet slowly. Common activities such as parachute jumping or incivility alleviate the atmosphere. The last part of the journey leads them to the mother of Hannes, for Hannes is becoming weaker. When they arrived in Belgium, they learned that the doctor who had to carry out the euthanasia was himself dead. But even after this postponement, Hannes maintains his decision.

Data sheet

  • Title: Hin und weg
  • International Title: Tour de force
  • Director: Christian Zübert , assisted by Henrike Wöbking and Joanna Bielinski
  • Screenplay: Ariane Schröder
  • Music: Siggi Mueller , Egon Riedel  (de)
  • Art Direction: Kobita Syed
  • Costumes: Monika Gebauer
  • Photography: Ngo The Chau  (de)
  • Sound: Oliver Achatz
  • Editing: Mona Bräuer
  • Production: Florian Gallenberger , Benjamin Herrmann  (de)
  • Production Companies: Majestic Film  (de)
  • Distribution Company: Majestic Filmverleih
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Format: Color – 2.35: 1 – D-Cinema 48kHz 5.1 – 35 mm
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Release dates
    •  Germany :.
    •  Austria :.


  • Florian David Fitz : Hannes
  • Julia Koschitz  (de) : Kiki
  • Jürgen Vogel : Michael
  • Volker Bruch : Finn
  • Victoria Mayer  (de) : Mareike
  • Johannes Allmayer  (de) : Dominik
  • Miriam Stein : Sabine
  • Hannelore Elsner : Irene
  • Daniel Roesner : Tom


Ariane Schröder, the screenwriter of Hin und Weg , a student of the University of Television and Film in Munich , grew up in the German – speaking Community of Belgium . Roadmovie shooting takes place in September and October 2013 in Frankfurt / Main , Wiesbaden , Rheingau , Vettéravie , Idstein , Taunus and Ostend .

Hin und weg is a production of Majestic Film, in co-production with the ZDF , in collaboration with Viafilm and Sky . It receives support from HessenInvestFilm, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg , Filmförderungsanstalt and Deutscher Filmförderfonds  (de) .

The soundtrack of the film consists mainly of songs from numerous established groups ( Beatsteaks , Boy , Passenger , Ira May  (de) …). Generic Skin and Bones is played by Ryan Keen  (in) .

Festivals where the film was presented

  • 2014 :
    • Locarno International Film Festival
    • Toronto International Film Festival
    • Hamburg Film Festival
    • Tallinn Nights Film Festival
    • Arcs European Film Festival
  • 2015 :
    • Miami International Film Festival
    • Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

Notes and references

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Source of translation

  • ( Of ) This article is partially or entirely from the article in German entitled ” Hin und weg “.