Herta Oberheuser

Herta Oberheuser ( Cologne , 15 of maypole of 1911 – Linz am Rhein , 24 of January of 1978 ) was one medical German Nazi , who practiced his specialty ( dermatology ) at the concentration camp for women Ravensbrück under the direction of Dr. Karl Gebhardt , from 1940 to 1943 .

His experiments were the most perverse and painful ones practiced by these doctors; 1 were mainly based on inflicting injuries on the prisoners and infecting them to simulate the wounds of German soldiers fighting in the front. For this he used wood, rusty nails, glass chips, dirt and sawdust . 2 He also experimented with children, injecting them with oil and evipan ( barbiturate known as hexobarbital ) to later remove vital limbs and organs. From injection to death it took about 3-5 minutes, being aware of the victims of their effects until the last moment.

Judgment and life upon leaving the prison

In 1946 they began in Nuremberg trials against the Nazis who made these “medical experiments”. Herta was the only woman in the group of 15 physicians found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison, although she was released at ten years for good behavior. He returned to practice medicine as a family doctor in Stocksee , Germany, but lost his license to practice in 1958 , when a survivor of Ravensbrück recognized her.


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