Hermann Krumey

Alois Hermann Krumey ( Mährisch Schönberg , 18 of April of 1905 – Erftstadt , 27 of November of 1981 ) was a chemist and official German belonging to the SS Nazi who was involved in the Holocaust of World War II .

Beginnings in Nazism

Krumey lived and worked as a pharmacist in the Sudetenland . After the annexation, he entered the SS with the file number 310.441. He was awarded the rank of SS Obersturmbannführer ( Lieutenant Colonel ) from the 1 of November of 1938 , assigned to the area of Bremen . In 1939 , he was transferred to the Main Department of staff of the SS and was assigned to the district of Posen where train routes assigned to Poles and Germans living in the area. From there it was absorbed by the section IVB4 of the Gestapo with the function to negotiate the routes and availability of the trains within the territory of the General Government of Poland .

Participation in the Holocaust

In the spring of 1940 , he was appointed head of the Office of Litzmannstadt (Lodz). In 1941 , he briefly moved to Croatia to group the Jews there and prepare deportation to concentration camps . Krumey was drafted by the head SS (SSPF) of Lublin, Odilo Globocnik , to advance the scheme resettlement of Poles and Germans as part of expulsions land of Zamosc, which began on 24 November of of 1942 .

Krumey had had contact with the Eichmann department. During the resettlement Warthe District, in the spring of 1944 , he joined the SS Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann in Budapest , where Krumey served as a member of the organizing group of the mass deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz .

After the end of the war

Krumey was arrested by the Allies in 1945 , but as a result of the defense document issued by Zionist Rudolf Kasztner , who participated in negotiations with the SS in Hungary in 1944 , he was not prosecuted but released in 1948 .

Active in the local government of Korbach ( Hessen ), Krumey was arrested in 1957 , 1958 and in 1960 , finally remanded until 1965 . He was sentenced by the Criminal Court of Frankfurt am Main , that same year to five years in prison; However, due to the time served in jail, he was released for having taken the time served the term of the sentence.

Following the Appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office , a new trial was opened between 1968 and 1969 . As a result, Krumey was sentenced to life imprisonment on 29 August as as 1969 . The sentence was overruled by an appeal in 1973. Before his death Krumey was released from prison.

Krumey died of natural causes November 27, 1981.