Hermann Höfle

Hermann Julius Hoefle or Höfle ( Salzburg , Austria , 19 of June of 1911 – 20 of August of 1962 ) was an SS Sturmbannführer (Major) delegate SS General Odilo Globocnik in the program Operation Reinhard .

Participation in the Holocaust

He was born in Salzburg , Austria , Höfle joined the Nazi Party the 1 of August of 1933 , with the number of record 6,341,873 and SS number 307.469. After the invasion of Poland , he served in the south of the newly formed General Government . In November 1940, he served as Supervisor of a Jewish concentration camp in Lublin . In December 1941, Hofle was mobilized to Mogilew, in Russia .

Telegram from Herman Hoefle , the Commander Delegate of Operation Reinhard , listing the number of deaths in the death camps over a period of 14 days in 1942.

He was involved in the deportations of Jews to the extermination camps of Belzec , Sobibor and Treblinka . He lived and worked at Operation Reinhard’s Headquarters, at the Julius Schreck Barracks on Ostland Street in Lublin. Hofle played a key role in the massacre known as the Harvest Festival, where Jewish prisoners were murdered from various labor camps in the District of Lublin in early November 1943; Close to 42,000 Jews were killed in this operation. Hofle reunited with Globocnik in Trieste , after several missions in Holland and Belgium .

Promotions in the SS

  • SS Untersturmführer ( Second Lieutenant ) on 12.2.1937
  • SS Hauptsturmführer ( Captain ) on 17.3.38
  • SS Sturmbannführer ( Mayor ) on 21.7.42

After the war

After the war, he was detained by British troops but released for lack of knowledge of his activities. For a very short time he collaborated with the Gehlen Organization . Discovered in Vienna in 1961, he was imprisoned and committed suicide by hanging himself on 21 August 1962, just before his trial began.


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