Herbert Schweiger

Herbert Schweiger ( Spital am Semmering , February 22, 1924 – Neuberg an der Mürz , July 5, 2011) was one of the most celebrated right- wing journalists in Austria . The documentary archive of the Austrian Resistance pointed to him as “a gray eminence of the Austro-German neo – Nazi scene “. 1


His paternal home was a German nationalist , and as a teenager he was associated with the Hitler Youth . At seventeen he volunteered for the Waffen-SS . 2 In July of 1941 was formed like Spender in the 1st Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler and was sent to the Eastern front . After being injured and receiving several courses, some in the SS-Junkerschule of Braunschweig , was named Untersturmführer . At the end of World War II he was a prisoner of war of the United States .

Trajectory from 1945

After his release he was active in the Heimkehrer Hilfs- und Betreuungsstelle (HHB). 3 In 1953 he was president of the Association of Independents of Styria . In 1956 he was the main candidate of the Austrian Freedom Party in Graz . In addition it was the founder of the organization of the state of Styria of the National Democratic Party , political formation created by Norbert Burger in 1967, and that was prohibited in 1988 due to its Nazi ideology .

He maintained links with the organization Deutsches Kulturwerk Europäischen Geistes , for which he lectured in Austria and Germany . He also collaborated with the Wiking-Jugend , the Gesellschaft für freie Publizistik , the Freundeskreis Ulrich von Hutten , the Nationaldemokratischer Hochschul-Bund and with events of the National Democratic Party of Germany and the Junge Nationaldemokraten .

Holocaust denial

He collaborated with the denial of the Holocaust Gerd Honsik , either at events or distribution in Spain of the work of Honsik Freispruch für Hitler? 37 ungehörte Zeugen wider die Gaskammer? ( ¿Acquittal for Hitler? In Spanish ), a book that is banned in Germany.

Criminal history

Until 1997 Schweiger was arrested four times. In 1990 he was sentenced to three months and nine months of conditional imprisonment for attempting to foment the rebirth of Nazism in contravention of the Verbotsgesetz . Before the jury he called Auschwitz a “monument to lies”. After the publication in 1995 of its book Evolution und Wissen – Neuordnung der Politik was arrested the following year. In 1997 the jury of Leoben condemned him to sixteen months, again for fomenting the rebirth of Nazism. For that same offense he was sentenced on 17 June 2009 by the court of Klagenfurt to two years’ imprisonment , 4 and on 21 April 2010 by the court of Graz to twenty-one months. 5


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