Helene Fournier

Hélène Fournier , with maiden name Hélène Pellault, was born on December 23, 1904 to Cussay in Indre-et – Loire (France) and died on March 29, 1994. It is an important character in the endurance of Indre-et – Loire, where it plays a role It helps active clandestine passages of the demarcation line separating two department Indre-et – Loire early summer 1940 to 1 March 1943. 1 single survivor named convoy of 24 January 1943 is .


Hélène Pellault is the daughter of a socialist, blacksmith by profession and layman. She marries and takes the name of her husband, Fournier. 2 The couple maintains a grocery store in Tours, at Febvotte Street, 98.

Its role in the resistance

During World War II it is committed in the network of resistance Libé-North.  Its commerce serves as a place for the transmission of messages circulating in the cover of the resistance. It houses and helps the clandestine, on the run or investigated for their activity in the resistance.

The convoy of the 31 000

It is arrested by a denunciation the 29 of October 1942. She is taken to the prison in Tours, she is given the number 1183. She is there until November 7, 1942, accompanied by twenty other Tour neighbors. Later it is transferred to the German field of Romainville, in Sena Saint-Denis in the municipality of the Lilacs. 3 4 There she is arrested with Elisabeth El Puerto. The prisoners are transferred to the camp of Royallieu, then they are deported to the camp of Auschwitz in the convoy known as 31000, this journey takes place on January 24, 1943, and comprises 230 women and 1530 men. 5 6 1 7 This convoy is the first mixed convoy of the women of the French resistance in the framework of the operation Nacht und Nebel. Half of these women are resistant communists. Only 49 of them survive, and of the 20 Tour neighbors deported, Hélène Fournier is the sole survivor. Danièle Casanova was part of this convoy, as was Marie-Claude Vaillant-Modisto. 8 This convoy of the book inspires 31000 Charlotte Delbo 9 , None of us will not return , and he Caroline Moorehead, A train in winter . 5 10 An amateur theater festival paid tribute in 2013 to the convoy of the 31,000 through the piece of Gérard Thévenin. eleven

Detention to Birkenau and Ravensbrück

She is stopped with her Tour Campaigns in Birkenau.

Auschwitz – Barracks and fence in the concentration camp

Rachel Deniau, Mary Gabb who dies on the day of her arrival in Birkenau, Germaine Jaunay and Elisabeth Le Port are others who accompany her. Elisabeth Le Port describes her in her correspondence as a person who does not share. 1 While trying to comfort Germaine Jaunay, the latter replies “Why come back, for being beaten?”. Regarding Rachel Deniau, her name appears on the plaque in memory of the deportees to Amboise, and a street takes its name to the Cross in Touraine. After his arrival in Birkenau, he contracts typhus and works on the commandos. In May 1942, it is the only French left of the Birkenau commandos, the others have been deported to Poland to Raïsko or killed. Get her admitted to the Revier as a cleaner thanks to Marie-Claude Vaillant-Modisto. On August 2, 1944, it is transferred to the field of Ravensbrück on August 2, 1944, and then to the camp Mauthausen on March 2, 1945.

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1985-0417-15, Ravensbrück, Konzentrationslager

List of neighbors of TOur played with Hélène Fournier 1

  • Francisca Goutayer, called Cica , number 31780, ca, waitress in the restaurant Parisien a Tours, denounced by Antoinette Bibault, died in the river of Birkenau in April 1943, 1 12
  • Marie Louise Gabb, maiden name Thomas, was born on 24 March 1891 in Amboise 13 and died on 16 February 1943.
  • Rachel Deniau, plate number 31773, was born on May 1, 1899 to the Cross-of-Bléré, factrice 14
  • Germaine Jaunay, plate number 31782, maiden name Mouzé, was born on October 12, 1898 to Francueil , to the place said “La Bergerie”, aunt of Rachel Deniau, died in the Birkenau river at the age of 53 years 15
  • Elisabeth Le Port, plate number 31786, was born on April 9, 1919 to Lorient , Morbihan, teacher, denounced by one of her students, died of dysentery on March 14, 1943 at the age of 24 years in the Birkenau River . 5 A commemorative plaque is set in its class to Saint-Christophe-over-the-Nazco 16 .
  • Marcelle Laurillou, maiden name Mardelle, was born on 19 November 1914 to Perrusson , denounced by a woman called Email, died of dysentery on April 20, 1943 to Birkenau 17
  • Raymonde Sergeant, board number 31790, maiden name Delalande, was born on August 18, 1903 in San Martín-el-Hermoso , worked at the Café Hotel de la Union, died on April 30, 1943 on the Birkenau River. She is the last of the Tour people who accompanied Hélène Fournier to her death. A street takes its name in Saint-Martin_le Beau. She is awarded the posthumous title of the French Resistance Medal, the military medal, the deportation medal and the War Cross with Palms. 18
  • Emilia Kérisit, named Léa, plate number 31783, maiden name Baliteau, was born on July 30, 1895 to Jaunay-Clan , a nurse, often cooperates with Jeanne Goupille in the cover of aid to clandestine persons, arrested on 23 September 1942. Diagnosed with typhoid in April, died of torture in April 1943 and died on May 25, 1943. 19
  • Germaine Maurice, plate number 31788, was born on 8 May 1918 to Vou , died of pneumonia in Birkenau on 23 February 1943 20

Return to Tours

She returns to Tours on May 1, 1945. She is the sole survivor of the twenty people of Tours deported, and she will bear the burden of announcing to families the death and detention conditions of her close to the Birkenau camp. 8 The Legion of Honor is attached to him in March 1966. He is also homologated the degree of caporal of the RIF .


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