Heinz Rothke

Dr. Heinz Röthke ( Berlin , 19 January as as 1912 – Wolfsburg , 14 July as as 1966 ) was a lawyer and official German who belonged to the SS and participated in the Holocaust during World War II .

Participation in the Holocaust

Rothke had the rank of SS Hauptsturmführer ( Captain ). A student of Theology , he did not complete those studies but he graduated in Law from the University of Berlin .

Recruited by Adolf Eichmann and sent to Paris ( France ) as head of the Jewish subject of that country as representative of Section IVB4 .

It was next to Theodor Dannecker responsible for the deportation known as the Vel ‘d’Hiv Roundup between 16 and 17 of July of 1942 in Paris , where thousands of Jewish people were sent to Auschwitz and exterminated in the gas chamber just arrived.

He was in charge of that office from August 1942 until August of 1944 .

His assistants were Ernst Heinrichsohn and Horst Ahnert .

After the war

After the war was not requested by the authorities in Germany . France judged him in absentia and sentenced him to death in 1954 .

He lived publicly as a lawyer in Wolfsburg, West Germany . He died on 14 July as as 1966 .