Heinrich Schwarz

Heinrich Schwarz ( Munich , 14 of June of 1906 – Sandweier , 20 of March of 1947 ) was an officer in the SS who participated in the Holocaust Jew during World War II .


Schwarz was born into a family Catholic of Bavaria . Before the war he worked as a book publisher. 1

Race in the SS

Schwarz joined the Nazi Party on 1 of December of 1931 , with the record number of 786,871, and one day before it did in the Schutzstaffel (SS), with the number 19,691. He began active service in the SS, where he was assigned to the 1. SS-Standarten on December 1, 1938, until June 15, 1939. On October 10, 1940 was transferred to Section IV of the concentration camp of Mauthausen , in Austria it annexed, where he served until September 30, 1941.

On the same date, it was transferred to the industrial complex of concentration camp of Auschwitz , in Poland , where he held several roles until November of November of 1943 , when he was appointed as commander of the labor camp of Auschwitz Monowitz (or Auschwitz III as it was Known), where the prisoners were dead of exhaustion, after working tirelessly in the factories of production of war. 2

On December 6, 1943, during the daytime count formation in the sub-camp of Neru-Dachs in Jaworzno, 26 prisoners were hanged in public. These prisoners were taken to Neu-Dachs from the Block 11 bunker at Auschwitz I. They had been locked up between 18 and 20 October when an escape tunnel was discovered by the prisoners. The commander of Auschwitz III – Monowitz, Heinrich Schwarz, read the sentence. Some of the prisoners shouted “Do not give up boys” and “Long live Poland”. Schwarz ordered them to be immediately pushed off the scaffold and hanged massively. After this, the prisoners gathered in the courtyard to see the executed men. Their bodies remained exposed for 24 hours.

The end

The 17 of January of 1945 , before the imminent arrival of the Soviet army , the Nazis abandoned the complex and Schwarz moved to the premises of the former concentration camp Natzweiler Struthof , where he was named commander until April of that year, When he was captured by Allied military forces and brought before a military court in Rastatt, accused of crimes against humanity .

In compliance with this judgment, Schwarz was transferred to the forests of Sendweier, Germany and executed by firing squad on 20 of March of 1947 .


  • SS- Untersturmführer (April 20, 1937)
  • SS- Obersturmführer (April 20, 1939)
  • SS- Hauptsturmführer (April 20, 1943)


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