Heinrich Hitler

Heinz Hitler ( 14 of March of 1920 – 21 of February of 1942 ), nicknamed “Heinz” , was the son of Alois Hitler Jr . And his second wife Hedwig Heidemann and nephew of Adolf Hitler . When World War II began , he joined the Wehrmacht and served on the Eastern Front , where he was captured and died in prison in 1942.

Unlike his half-brother William Patrick Hitler , Heinz was a Nazi. He attended a Nazi elite military academy, the National Institutes of Education Policy (Napola) in Ballenstedt / Saxony-Anhalt. 1 Aspired to be an officer. Heinz joined the Wehrmacht as a signal officer with the Artillery Regiment 23 at Potsdamer Square in 1941, and participated in the invasion of the Soviet Union , Operation Barbarossa . On January 10, 1942, he was captured by Soviet forces and sent to Moscow Butyrka military prison , where he died, aged 21, after several weeks of interrogations and torture. 2


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