Heinrich Barbl

Heinrich Barbl ( Sarleinsbach , Austria , 3 of March of 1900 ? -) Was an SS – Rottenführer Austrian , who participated in the euthanasia program T-4 and then in Operation Reinhard .

Military career

Barbl joined the Nazi Party and the SS after the Anschluss . He was sent to the euthanasia center of Hartheim during its construction as part of the euthanasia program Aktion T4 and also to the euthanasia center of Grafeneck . In both institutions, was a Stanzer , ie, it was dedicated to stamping metal sheets with names to form nameplates. Then he attached these to the urns he filled with ashes. These were sent to the relatives of the victims, who received an urn with the correct name of their relative, but always with an uncertain content, since the urns were filled with the ashes collected indiscriminately in the adjacent crematorium. 1

Operation Reinhard

In 1942 Barbl was stationed at the Belzec extermination camp . The commander and SS-Hauptsturmführer Gottlieb Hering refused to allow him to participate in the execution of sick or elderly new arrivals, because “he is so foolish that he would shoot us, not the Jews” and, therefore, he was the only one Person to whom this task was excused; However, no one is sure if Barbl was genuinely stupid or if he simply acted like a fool to avoid more demanding tasks. 2

Barbl was not exempt from punishment. He was frequently beaten by Christian Wirth because of his constant drunkenness 3 and for an unknown reason in the winter of 1942-1943, Hering had him imprisoned in a concrete bunker for several days without food or water. 2 Although he was not known for acts of cruelty, Barbl was sent to the Sobibor extermination camp by Wirth, where he used his skills to aid in the installation of pipes for gas chambers . 3 Barbl presumed to have made the gas chambers shine with showers. 4

Last years

After World War II , Barbl was interrogated by the Austrian police, worst ever brought to trial. 5

He was charged in the Trials Sobibor in The Hague on 6 of September of 1965 , but the details of your destination are unknown. 2


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