Hans Hermann Junge

Hans Hermann Junge ( Preetz , Holstein , Germany ; November to February of 1914 – Dreux , Normandy , 13 of August of 1944 ) was a German military belonging to the Waffen-SS , with the rank of Obersturmführer (first lieutenant), attached to the Begleitkommando SS des Führers from the Chancellery, as Adolf Hitler’s Field Helper in World War II .


Hans Hermann Junge was born in a town in the district of Plön in present-day Lower Saxony.

In 1933, he joined the SS and in 1934 he was admitted to the select ranks of the LSSAH Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler of the Waffen-SS and in 1936 was assigned to the Führer’s Personal Guard in the Chancellery as Hitler Field Helper reaching the Degree of Obersturmführer SS.

On June 19, 1943, he married one of Hitler’s personal secretaries, 1 Gerdtraudl Haumps, and in July of that year when his wife was assigned as part of the permanent staff of the führerbunker . Later Junge is appointed observation officer of the decimated 12th group SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend in Normandy.

The 13 of August of 1944 , his plane observation is killed in the town of Dreux in Normandy died. Hitler personally communicated the death to Traudl Junge.


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