Hans Günther

Hans Günther ( Erfurt , 22 of August of 1910 – 5 of maypole of 1945 ) was a German officer in the SS Nazis who served as Sturmbannführer ( Major ) and acted as CEO of Adolf Eichmann in the Holocaust Jew of the Second World War .

Günther entered the Nazi SS with the number 290,129 and the Nazi Party with the number 119,925. Its last ascent was to SS Sturmbannführer ( Mayor ) 9 of November of 1941 .

He served as Delegate of Section IVB4 , for the territories of Bohemia-Moravia and responsible for the deportation of the Jews of that locality.

The 5 as maypole as 1945 , was captured by partisans Czechoslovak and hanged on the spot.

He was older brother of SS Sturmbannführer Rolf Günther .


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