Gustavo Cerati: Here We Go Tour

Vamos Vamos by Gustavo Cerati is the last work on DVD edited by him. This is a last concert offered at the Obras stadium in 2006 in Buenos Aires Argentina.



  • Finally happens
  • The exeption
  • One in 1000
  • Bye
  • Time bomb
  • Caravan
  • Echoes
  • Medium
  • I stay here
  • Cheats
  • Tea for three
  • Impossible things
  • Alive
  • Lake in the sky
  • Crime
  • Escapees
  • Plant
  • Bridge
  • Moon juice

Additional material

  • Documentary film
  • Videoclips of the album “Ahí Vamos”
  • Photos of the realization


  • Gustavo: Voice and 1º Guitarra
  • Richard Coleman: Guitars and Choirs
  • Fernando Nalé: Bass and backing vocals
  • Leandro Fresco: Keyboards, percussion and choirs
  • Fernando Samalea: Drums and percussion
  • Tweety González: Keyboards in “Echoes”, “Crime”, “Fugitive” and “Plant”