Günter Deckert

Günter Deckert (born 9 from January of 1940 in Heidelberg , Baden ) is a German political activist extreme right . He was leader and president of the National Democratic Party of Germany . 1 He spent five years in prison in Germany (between 1995 and 2000) for various crimes, including denial of the Holocaust and incitement to racial hatred. He translated the Leuchter report , an investigation of the United States that sought to cast doubt on the veracity of mass extermination through the gas chambers in the Holocaust .

Deckert was a high school teacher, but was fired from that position in 1988 after being repeatedly punished for his political activism. 2 He was also a councilor for the city of Weinheim and started a travel agency called Germania . He rose to fame when he became the president of the NPD. 3 In 2001, he participated in a meeting of the British National Party in London .


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