Gretl Braun

Margarete Franziska “Gretl” Braun ( Munich , Germany , 31 August of 1915 – Steingaden , Bavaria , October of October of 1987 ) was a prominent member of the inner circle (sister) of Adolf Hitler , sister of Eva Braun , wife of dictator German.


Margarete Braun, better known as Gretl, was born in Münich in 1915; It was the younger sister of Eva and Ilse Braun , and belonged to a conservative Bavarian middle – class family based in Ruhpolding in the Bavarian Alps, his father was Friedrich Braun and Franziska Kronberger his mother was a dressmaker . 1

When Hitler met Eva Braun in the studio of photographer Heinrich Hoffmann , Gretl also worked as a photography assistant. Hitler arranged a department for both sisters in Munich and later they were transferred to Berghof and Obersalzberg indistinctly so that they lived in the resting place of the German dictator. Eva Braun became Hitler’s lover and Gretl Braun thrived at the expense of her sister’s particular situation. 2

Both Gretl and Eva spent much of their time together at Hitler’s expense in Bergohf, Königssee lake, Königsbach waterfall, favorite places for Hitler’s recreation. 3

In May 1944, Hitler attempted to marry Gretl Braun with his aide-de-camp, Fritz Darges , but he preferred to go to the Russian front rather than to marry Gretl Braun, apparently one of the reasons would have been that Gretl had acquired a bad reputation In Obersalzberg (some unconfirmed sources cite that she was pregnant with Darges, which is quite unlikely since her daughter was born 12 months later). 4 Hitler, who also sought a pretext to introduce Eva into society, used Himmler to convince his aide-de-camp, the Obergruppenführer SS Hermann Fegelein, of a politically convenient marriage. Fegelein who was an opportunist and with a reputation for playboy , accepted the arrangement and the nuptials were celebrated on June 3, 1944 in Salzburg , having the reception in Berghof with the assistance of Himmler , Martin Bormann who were witnesses, Hitler introduced Eva Braun In society. 5

At the beginning of the collapse of the Third Reich, Eva Braun moved to Berlin to the Führerbunker to accompany Hitler and on April 23, 1945 asked Gretl that he was in Berchtesgaden to destroy his notes. On April 29, her husband, Hermann Fegelein was executed for the high treason of Himmler and on April 30, his sister married, committed suicide with the German leader.

Gretl gave birth to a daughter named Eva Barbara Fegelein the 5 of maypole of 1945 (he committed suicide in 1975), remarried with a businessman named Kurt Berlinghoff in February 1954 and died on October 10, 1987 at 72 Years old in Steingaden. 6


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