Goodbye (song by Gustavo Cerati)

Adiós ” is a song and simple created and interpreted by Gustavo Cerati , is one of his songs more known in his stage like soloist and was released in the album Here we go , in 2006 , like 5º song.

The letter

The video Curiously, the lyrics of this song was written by Gustavo Cerati with his son Benito, who later also contributed in the writing of some songs by Fuerza Natural . The lyrics of this song speak of the breakup of couples and that we can grow as people after a breakup. On September 4, 2014 Benito Cerati used the final phrase of the song “Say goodbye is to grow” by Twitter @benitocerati as a farewell to his father on the day of his death.

It was directed by Joaquín Cambre, who made the video also of ” Crime “. The video begins with a scene where a family appears and along the video appear different scenes: of work, a couple that is known and begins a new relationship, a marriage that breaks. Near the end are pupils of a school destroying everything leaving only a couple kissing.

The music

The song begins directly with the main melody of the song. Then the letter begins to develop. Live, on the tour Vamos Vamos , Cerati presents the song saying ” Hello, goodbye “.

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