Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf ( Limburg an der Lahn , 29 as October as 1964 ) is a German chemist who is currently in prison in Germany for denial of Holocasuto .


Germar Rudolf studied chemistry at the University of Bonn . In his university years he frequented the German Union of Fraternities of Catholic Students . Although initially sympathetic to the Christian Democratic Union of Germany , his personal opposition to reunification , he brought him to the right-wing nationalist party Die Republikaner , of which he became a temporary member.

He did his doctoral studies at the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart in 1990 . During this period he wrote the Report on the Formation and Verifiability of Cyanide Compounds in the Auschwitz Gas Chambers , known as the Rudolf Report , by the defense lawyer of the negationist Otto Ernst Remer . In this report Rudolf said that the gas chambers of the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau and samples of the rock wall is still only small residues of Zyklon B the impossibility of mass murder was determined in those places by gassing with Mentioned insecticide.

Because of these activities, and because of the existence of an investigation against him for Holocaust denial , the University of Stuttgart denied him an appointment for his final doctoral examination, because he did not meet the necessary academic dignity .

The 14 of November of 2006 were processed. He faced the charge of defaming the memory of the dead . Rudolf had already been sentenced to 14 months in prison for a similar case in 1995 , but on that occasion he fled the country and moved to the United States . His application for political asylum was rejected and he was eventually deported to Germany for prosecution. The prosecution asked for a 5-year prison sentence as well as a ban on leaving Germany in 20 years. 1


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