Gerd Honsik

Gerd Honsik (born October 10, 1941 in Vienna ) is an Austrian writer and a prominent Holocaust denier. His mother was the wife of Amon Goeth . In 1992 he was sentenced in Austria to 18 months’ imprisonment for the publication of the pamphlet Absolution for Hitler? 1 and fled to Spain, where he resided until his arrest in Malaga and extradition in 2007. 2 After his incarceration, he was charged with new charges and sentenced to five years in prison, then reduced to four. 3 The prosecutor described Honsik as “one of the ideological leaders of the European neo-Nazis “, although he declared himself a Liberal Democrat . 4


  • Die Literatur der Auschwitzleugner: Gerd Honsiks “Freispruch für Hitler?”
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  • Rechtsextreme Funktionäre, Aktivisten und Ideologen on the Website of DÖW.

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