Fürstengrube concentration camp

The Fürstengrube concentration camp was one of the largest of the 39 camps dependent on Auschwitz . It was in the village of the same name, called Polish Wesoła , 5 km southwest of Mysłowice in Silesia .

It was built in September 1943 as a field of work for the coal mines of Fürstengrube.

It was abandoned on January 19, 1945 as the front approached. Under the last commander of the “Lager” the officer SS Max Schmidt, who held this position since March 1944, began for the 1283 march on foot, which began with the shooting of many of them in the Fürstengrube itself and Took them first to the town of Ahrensbök in Schleswig-Holstein , from which came the camp commander. The survivors, about 400 prisoners, were shipped to Cap Arcona , which on 3 May 1945 was sunk by Allied aviation in the Bay of Lübeck .