Fritz Klein (nazi)

Fritz Klein ( Feketehalom , Austro – Hungarian Empire (now Zeiden ), Romania , 24 of November of 1888 – Hamelin , Germany , 13 of December of 1945 ) was a doctor and an officer in the SS who actively participated in the Holocaust during World War II .


Klein was of Austro-Hungarian origin. He was one of the first members of the Nazi Party with the number of card 732, it was united to the SS the 26 of May of 1943 with the rank of Untersturmführer , never belonging to the Waffen SS . It was religion Protestant . He received the Gold Button NSDAP for its antiquity. At the end of the war he was divorced.

He worked in the Auschwitz – Birkenau Concentration Camp conducting scientific experiments without any justification with prisoners from December 1943 to 1944 . One of his main tasks was to select the prisoners who arrived at the platform of the field to be sent to the gas chambers . He was transferred briefly to camp Neuengamme in Germany . In January 1945 , he was finally transferred to Bergen Belsen concentration camp . Many of his mistreatment and behavior at Auschwitz are narrated in the book “Hitler’s ovens” of the former prisoner Romanian Olga Lengyel .

Dr. Fritz Klein walks among prisoners bodies in a mass grave in the field of Bergen-Belsen , the 24 of April of 1945 .

Promotions achieved

  • SS Untersturmführer – May 26, 1943
  • SS Obersturmführer – 1944
  • SS Hauptsturmführer – 1945

The end

Klein was arrested by the Army British in April 1945 and convicted before the courts in the call Belsen Trial , being charged with two counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity . It was executed the 13 of December of 1945 .


  • The Horns of Hitler , by Olga Lengyel .