Friedrich Panzinger

Friedrich Panzinger ( Munich , Bavaria , Germany , 1 of February of 1903 – 31 August of 1959 ). He was an officer of the SS and official police of Nazi Germany during World War II .

Panzinger entered the Nazi Party with the file number 1,017,341 and the SS with the number 322,118. The 29 of June of 1940 , happens to work in the police Special Service Sofia , Bulgaria . In August 1940, he became the Secretary of the Amt VA (Enemy) section of the Gestapo , where he carried out his work fighting communism within Germany until September 4 , 1943 , when he was reassigned as Commander of the Einsatzgruppen A until The 6 of May of 1944 when it is assigned to the Headquarters of Sicherheitsdienst and Gestapo of Ukraine .

In July of 1944 after the attack perpetrated by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg , is appointed Delegate of the Head of the Gestapo responding directly to SS Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller . Named Chief of Section V, or Kripo (Criminal Police) since September 1944 (with antiquity of July 21, 1944) until the end of the war. He was a great direct collaborator of Heinrich Müller , Head of the Gestapo.

After the war was delivered to the Russians who considered him a war criminal being released in 1955 . In 1959 , he was indicted for crimes against humanity for crimes committed during the Jewish Holocaust in Russia . He died of a heart attack while being transferred to a care center.


  • 14.10.1944 Oberst der Polizei (Police Colonel)
  • 24.09.1943 SS- Oberführer
  • 05.07.1943 SS- Standartenführer (dated 20.04.1943)
  • 01.01.1941 SS- Obersturmbannführer
  • 09.11.1939 SS- Sturmbannführer
  • 20.04.1939 SS- Hauptsturmführer


  • 08.05.1944 EKII
  • 30.01.1942 War Merit Cross Second Class
  • 01.12.1942 War Merit Cross Second Class with Swords
  • 30.01.1943 War Merit Cross First Class
  • 24.11.1944 German Cross in Silver


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