Franz Reichleitner

Franz Reichleitner ( Ried , Austria , 2 of December of 1906 – Fiume , 3 of January of 1944 ) was an officer in the SS , commander of the extermination camp Sobibor and active participant in the Holocaust in World War II .

Reichleitner joined the Nazi Party with the file number 6,369,213 and the SS with the file number 357.065. He was assigned to ” Operation Reinhard “, being named Commander of the Sobibor extermination camp between 1942 and 1943 . After the revolt of the field ran out functions for several months, he was subsequently assigned to the “SS Task Force R” assigned to the area of Fiume in Italy to combat partisans and Jews armed where he fell in action on 3 of January of 1944 , near Of Rijeka (Fiume) .


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