Franz Abromeit

Franz Abromeit ( Tilsit , East Prussia , 8 of August of 1907 – declared dead the 30 of June of 1964 ) was a German officer in the SS under the orders of Adolf Eichmann during World War II .


In his youth he was a leather merchant. At the beginning of years 30, enters the Nazi Party with the number 329.305 and the SS with the number 272.353. Promoted to SS – Untersturmführer the 9 of November of 1937 , in December of that same year is assigned to the main office of the SD. Promoted to SS – Obersturmführer the 9 of November of 1938 , in 1940 he was again promoted to SS – Hauptsturmführer in the Command Danzig responsible for the “evacuation” of Poland .

Abromeit was an “expert” in Section IVB4 under the orders of Adolf Eichmann , being sent to Zagreb ( Croatia ) to take care of the deportation. 1 Between 13 and 20 of August of 1942 , under his orders five trains departed from Croatia to Auschwitz with 5,500 Jews on board, half Tenje concentration camp and the rest of the field Loborgrad from Zagreb and Sarajevo. In May 1943 , while Heinrich Himmler visited Zagreb, a further series of deportations were made to Auschwitz , with the incorporation of German and Croat Jews on the list of deportees. A group of 1,150 Jews including leaders of the Jewish communities of Zagreb and Osijek were deported on two trains on 5 and 10 May. Of all the Croatian deportees to Auschwitz , only a few dozen returned. In Croatia itself, only a few hundred Jews remained alive, many of them because they were protected from Croatian political leaders or because they had been married to non-Jews.

In 1944 , he was sent to Hungary to coordinate the deportation of his Jewish community. Of the 430,000 Hungarian Jews deported, some 200,000 were exterminated. 2

In 1945 he managed to escape, suspecting that he took refuge in Egypt. He was declared dead in 1964 without knowledge of its exact location and without a trace.


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