Flamenco Block

The Flemish Bloc ( Vlaams Blok in Dutch ) was a Flemish nationalist party, sometimes considered far right in Belgium . Born in 1978, it was outlawed by racism, reason why since November 14 , 2004 is called Vlaams Belang .

Its motto is Eigen Volk Eerst (Our town first).

Political program

  • Uncompromising defense of Flemish nationalism
  • Self – determination of Flanders to form a state.
  • Opposition to the entry of Turkey in the European Union .
  • In its principles intended systematic regulation of all immigrants in Belgium , although today its leaders say that they are content to learn Dutch, assimilate Flemish customs and adapt to the society of the country, without any intention to press their respective Religions. They do not consider the Islamic veil sufficient grounds for expulsion.
  • Privatization of the pension system.
  • His ideology blends economic liberalism with social conservatism .

Institutional representation

In the European Parliament it is part of Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty . It obtained 24.2% of the votes in the municipal Elections of June 24, 2004. The expectations of growth of this party for the Belgian municipal Elections of 2006 were very good. The rest of Belgian left and right parties have maintained until now a criticized sanitary cord similar to the one that was tried to maintain in Spain with the Independent Independent Group of Jesus Gil to try to block its growth, although in recent times have arisen criticisms On the part of certain conservative leaders who see in this cord an instrument of the left to maintain the power.

VB Leaders

  • Gerolf Annemans
  • Lode Claes
  • Frank Vanhecke
  • Filip Dewinter
  • Karel Dillen
  • Koen Dillen , son of Karel Dillen
  • Roeland Raes
  • Yves Buysse