The Feldherrnhalle ( Temple of the Generals, sometimes also Feldherrenhalle , translated as Lodge of the Marshal) is a lodge located in Munich , Bavaria , Germany .

It was built between 1841 and 1844 at the southern end of Munich, next to Ludwigstrasse , Preysing Palace and east of the Hofgarten . Friedrich von Gärtner built the Feldherrnhalle at the behest of King Ludwig I of Bavaria . The Feldherrnhalle was a symbol of the Bavarian Army’s honor. It contains statues of military leaders such as the Count of Tilly and Johann Karl Phillip von Wrede .

The central sculptural group was added in 1882, after the Franco-Prussian War .

Events in the Munich Putsch 

On Friday 9 November 1923, at noon, the Feldherrnhalle was the scene of the clash between the Bavarian police and an illegally organized march by Adolf Hitler’s followers . The police ordered the demonstrators to stop, but they continued to walk, and the State Police opened fire. Sixteen demonstrators were killed and several injured, including Hermann Göring . As a result, Hitler was arrested and sentenced to a prison sentence. This was one of the attempts by the Nazis to gain control of the Land of Bavaria, in what is commonly known as the Munich Putsch .