Exit (association)

Exit is an ADMD non-profit Swiss . Since 2000, its president is D r Jérôme Sobel.

With assistance in suicide in Switzerland, associations have been set up to help those convicted or wishing to die. They are followed for some time by a companion before committing suicide by absorbing a drink.

Since 18 December 2005, the University Hospital of Lausanne , Switzerland, has authorized assisted suicides. This medical procedure is governed by strict conditions to allow patients in terminal stage to end themselves in their lives, while being accompanied by doctors.

Article 115 of the Swiss Penal Code

For incitement and assistance to suicide:

“A person who, prompted by a selfish motive, has induced a person to commit suicide, or has assisted him for suicide, shall, if the suicide has been consummated or attempted, be punished by imprisonment for five years or more ‘imprisonment. ”

Movies about this topic

  • The choice of Jean , a TV crew followed the last three months of a man, Fribourg , suffering from a brain tumor and who chose assisted suicide 1 .
  • Exit, the right to die , film by Fernand Melgar 2 .
  • Kill me please , by Olias Barco .
  • A few hours of spring , film by Stéphane Brizé with Vincent Lindon and Hélène Vincent .
  • The Vanity , film by Lionel Baier , 2015 3 .

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