Euthanasia in Uruguay

The euthanasia in Uruguay is regulated by Law 18.473 of the Penal Code of Uruguay , also known as the law of ” living will” or “law of good death”. The law had already been taken to parliament in 2009 , being sanctioned by the Chamber of Deputies. The project re-entered parliamentary halls in 2013 , this time being approved under specific conditions and regulations detailed in the law. 1

The Code of Medical Ethics (Law 19286) limits it. 2

Protest to change / repeal the law

Although most Uruguayans (58%) are in favor of legalizing euthanasia, many believe that the Law is poorly formulated, one of these complexes is for example that most respondents argue that “a patient in a non-vegetative state Enters into the concept of the law. ” For its part, the Catholic Church opposed the Law, similar to abortion years before.


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