Ernst Heinrichsohn

Ernst Heinrichsohn ( 1920 – 1994 ). German officer belonging to the Nazi SS , who participated in the Jewish Holocaust during World War II .

Heinrichsohn who reached the rank of SS Untersturmführer ( Second Lieutenant ) was assistant to Theodor Dannecker and Heinz Röthke until December 1942 . He participated in the Winter Velodrome Raid where Section IVB4 was responsible for deporting 12,884 French Jews, of which 4,051 were children to the Auschwitzconcentration camp where they were only exterminated in the gas chambers .

After the war he served a term of six years in prison in Cologne in 1980 , when he was accused of crimes committed during the Holocaust . At that time he was a lawyer and Mayor of the German city of Burgstadt.

He passed away in 1994 .