Erna Wallisch

Erna Wallisch ( October to February of 1922 – 21 of February of 2008 ) was a criminal Nazi and security guard at two concentration camps during the Holocaust Jew. It is also known as “Hitler’s Witch” because of how severe it was with the prisoners, as well as by the humiliations and humiliations to which he subjected them.


Erna Wallisch was born in Pfannenstiel in 1922 , and grew up in East Germany with her father, a postal worker. At age 19, she joined the NSDAP and was trained to become an ” Aufseherin ” (female guard in concentration camp). 1 Erna first served as a guardian in the concentration camp at Ravensbrück for a year before being transferred to the Majdanek camp (Lublin, Poland ). 2

While doing his service in Poland, he met a Nazi guard named Georg Wallisch and they were married in 1944 . 3

Erna Wallisch was said to have been a brutal guardian, she beat women and children with compassion as they were on their way to the gas chambers, and personally participated in the election of the prisoners to be executed. 2 3 Survivors of that terrible massacre recall how on one occasion Erna Wallisch pounded a young woman who was pregnant and remember that scene by saying: “Sweat and breath while we were in front of that monster was something we will not forget as long as we live” . 1

In 2007 , author and journalist Guy Walters Wallisch followed a small apartment in Vienna , Austria , as part of his research for an upcoming work entitled The Hunt for Evil , about the persecution of Nazi war criminals who escaped. 1 Although Wallisch did not speak to him and the Austrian Government claimed that the statute of limitations had expired in its war crimes, Poland explored the pursuit of an indictment against Erna. 1

Before the report could be completed, Erna died one night in February 2008 at 86 years of age. 4


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