Erika Rosenberg

Erika Rosenberg (* 24 of June 1951 in Buenos Aires , Argentina ) is a German writer, interpreter, translator, journalist and biographer of Oskar Schindler and Emilie Schindler .


Erika Rosenberg was born on June 24, 1951 in Buenos Aires as the daughter of Jewish Germans. His parents, a lawyer and a doctor, in 1936 fled the Holocaust to Argentina passing through Paraguay .

In 1990 he met Emilie Schindler with whom he held intensive conversations that not only led to a friendship but also more than 70 hours of recording, from which Rosenberg wrote the biography “In the Shadow of Schindler” in 1993.

After the death of Emilie Schindler on October 9, 2001, Erika Rosenberg even becomes heiress.

He previously published the biographies of Schindler’s widow under the title “I, Emilie Schindler” and her husband as “I, Oskar Schindler”.

Since 2009, Erika Rosenberg represents the Argentine Republic in the international council of the organization Austrian Service Abroad . This organization deals with the Straßenkinder, the street children, for whom a literacy program is being prepared.

In September 2011 he presented his book about the life and work of Guillermo Lehmann, who was the founder of 15 colonies and cities in the Province of Santa Fe.

In August 2012 came a corrected version of the biography of Emilie Schindler by the publisher Weltbild.

In October of 2012 he published his new book “Oskar Schindler, his unknown collaborators and opponents” thus forming the trilogy on the subject Schindler.

That same year he presented a documentary exhibition about Emilie and Oskar Schindler in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Socialist Foundation in the city of Regensburg. In February 2015 his new book is published in Germany. A biography about Pope Francis “Als ich mit dem Papst U-Bahn fuhr” (when traveling with the Pope on the subway). The 25 of February of 2015 is decorated by the President of Germany with the Order of the Cross to the knight by its works. His next project deals with a history in Budapest in 1944 entitled “Glashaus”.


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