Erich Mussfeldt

Erich Mussfeldt , sometimes written Muhsfeldt or Mussfeld ( Neubrück , Brandenburg , 18 of February of 1913 – Krakow , Poland , 28 of January of 1948 ) was an SS-Oberscharführer(Superior Sergeant), assigned as head of the Sonderkommando , in the field Of concentration of Auschwitz , during World War II .


Personal life

Mussfeldt was born on 18 February as as 1913 . In 1933 he joined the SA , and in 1939 he joined the Nazi Party . 1 At the time of entering the service in the SS-Totenkopfverbände , was married with a son, who was later killed in a bombing of the Allies over Germany . The fate of his wife is unknown. According to the testimony of Dr. Myklós Nyiszli , in his book “Story of a Witness Doctor”, his wife was killed in a bombing and her son was killed as a soldier on the Eastern Front .

World War II

Orginally he served in the concentration camp of Auschwitz I, the year 1940 , when he was transferred to the death camp of Majdanek , the 15 of November of 1941 . When the camp of Majdanek was closed, it was in charge of the final execution of the remaining prisoners of the field, being transferred again to the one of Auschwitz , in June of 1942 , where it served like Chief Supervisor of the Special Command or Sonderkommando , in the Crematories II and III In Auschwitz II (Birkenau) , along with sergeants Otto Moll and Hans Aumeier .

Despite being a mass murderer, I had an unusual friendship with renowned medical Jewish Hungarian Miklos Nyiszli , who was forced to perform autopsies and inhuman experiments under the orders of Dr. Josef Mengele . Dr. Nyiszli survived the war and then gave sufficient evidence about what had happened at Auschwitz .

Dr. Nyiszli described an incident when Mußfeldt presented himself for a routine check-up after personally executing 80 prisoners of gunfire at the nape of the neck, before sending them to his cremation. The doctor commented that Mußfeldt had very high blood pressure and indicated that this was probably related to the increase in “traffic”, which was the term used by the mass murderer to refer to the victims who were arriving at the camp. Mußfeldt replied furiously that for him it was the same as killing one or eighty people, and that his blood pressure was so high because of the high level of alcohol he consumed daily.

Judgment and execution

After the war, Erich Mußfeldt was arrested and transferred to Krakow , where the Supreme Court of Justice of Poland was located . The trial was conducted between November 25 and 16 as December as 1947 , during which witnesses described him as someone extremely brutal and cruel that even drowned prisoners in the sewers. 1 Mussfeldt was found guilty and sentenced to death on 22 of December 1947, being hanged on 28 of January of 1948 in prison Montelupich in Krakow.


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