Else Krüger

Else Krüger ( Hamburg-Altona , 9 of February of 1915 -24 January 2005, Germany) was secretary German during World War II .

Since late 1942 , Krüger was the secretary of Martin Bormann , head of the Chancellery and affairs of the NSDAP under direct orders of Adolf Hitler . He remained in the Führerbunker during the Battle of Berlin . Krüger was with Eva Braun , Gerda Christian , Traudl Junge and Constanze Manziarly when the German dictator Adolf Hitler told them that they should prepare to go to the Berghof with others. She was with Eva Braun when she indicated that they would never leave him and would stay together until the end. Hitler in a gesture of solidarity gave each one a cyanide capsule. 1

Krüger escaped Berlin on 1 of maypole of 1945 in the group led by Brigadier General SS ( Brigadeführer ) Wilhelm Mohnke . 2 On the morning of May 2 , the group, hidden in a basement, was captured by the Soviets . He testified at the Nuremberg Trial, in the “Bormann” case.

Else Krüger married in Britain , the 23 of December of 1947 with Leslie James, British official interrogation. James was born on 3 September 1915 in Wallasey, Cheshire, Great Britain. Else lived under the name of Else James in Wallasey 3 and then in Cambridge, where her husband served as an English teacher. After the death of her spouse in 1995, Else returned to Germany, where she died ten years later, almost nonagenarian. 4


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