Elisabeth von Thadden

Elisabeth Adelheid Hildegard von Thadden ( Morąg or Mohrungen, Prussia , 29 of July of 1890 – Berlin , 9 of September of 1944 ) was a member of the nobilityGerman founder of a school and teacher, fierce opposition to the regime Nazi was executed for alleged connections With the plot of July 20, 1944.


Elisabeth von Thadden was the daughter of Adolf von Thadden-Trieglaff (1858-1932) and Ehrengard von Gerlach (1868-1909), the oldest of five in 1905 moved to Pomerania , growing as a Protestant and Christian .

His brother was an important theologian Reinold von Thadden (1891-1976), and his nephew the well-known historian Rudolf von Thadden (* 1932) and his brother the politician Adolf von Thadden (1921-1996).

On the death of his mother, he took over the family from 1909, also organizing the conferences Trieglaffer Konferenzen that attracted an important group of thinkers.

His father remarried in 1920 – with Barbara Blank (1895-1972) – and she attended in Berlin the Soziale Frauenschule where she graduated in progressive education gained experience after educators like Hermann Lietz and Kurt Hahn .

Living in 1926 at the Schloss Wieblingen castle in Heidelberg , in 1926, he formed the Evangelisches Landerziehungsheim für Mädchen , a school for Christian girls.

During Nazism it was ardent opposition, in 1940 had problems with the Gestapo when the school was denounced by opposing activities evacuating it to Tutzing in Bavaria and later closed.

Von Thadden returned to Berlin joining the Red Cross , contacted opponents such as Helmut Gollwitzer , Martin Niemöller and Elly Heuss-Knapp and was part of the Solf Circle . At one of those meetings where he hosted, on September 10, 1943 , Dr. Paul Reckzeh , informant of the Gestapo that betrayed them.

She was arrested on January 12, 1944 , in Meaux , France . She was interrogated for months at Ravensbrück concentration camp .

After the plot of July 20 was taken before Judge Roland Freisler , sentenced to the guillotine and executed in Plötzensee Berlin in September 1944.

A street takes its name as well as the school that founded and others in Leverkusen, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Leverkusen, Fulda, Mannheim and Wesel.

Composer Christopher Fox wrote an opera about his process and performance 1


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