Elisabeth Volkenrath

Elisabeth Volkenrath ( Świerzawa , Germany , 5 of September of 1919 – Hamelin , 13 of December of 1945 ) was an oversight of the SS Nazi .

She was prominent in several concentration camps of the Third Reich during the Holocaust in World War II .


Volkenrath trained under the supervision of Dorothea Binz at the Ravensbrück concentration camp , and in 1943 was assigned to the Auschwitz concentration camp as SS Aufseherin .

He took an active part in the selections and abuse against the prisoners. In November 1944 she was promoted to SS Oberaufseherin and ordered at least three hangings. Later it was transferred to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen like Supervisor of the attendants.

In April 1945 , she was arrested by the British Army and sent to prison.

He was eventually taken to Belsen Trial with Joseph Kramer , Irma Grese and other guards Nazis , being sentenced to death by hanging and executed the 13 of December of 1945 , in the town of Hamelin being the executioner Sergeant Albert Pierrepoint .