Eduard Wagner

Eduard Wagner ( Kirchenlamitz , Bavaria , 1 of April of 1894 – 23 of July of 1944 ) was a German military, general artillery and Quartermaster General of the Wehrmacht during World War II and complotador in the attack on July 20, 1944 .


Eduard Wagner was born in Bavaria, served as a cadet in the imperial army during the First World War and then was one of the selected members of the Reichswehr . In the Second World War , he acted as Quartermaster General of the Army ensuring the logistics of the Wehrmacht in the occupied territories, in that position had to provide additional supply and mutual cooperation between the Wehrmacht and commands Einsatzgruppen under a directive issued by The Reich Central Security Office by Reinhard Heydrich . 1 As such it had access to all the movements of these death squads that operated after the ranks of the German army in the occupied territories executing civilians summarily. In 1943 , he was promoted to general of artillery, and thanks to Otto Braütigam had access to a secret document of Heinrich Himmler that indicated a program of mass liquidation of people considered inferior race in France and England, after winning the war against The Soviet Union .

Wagner joined the military group of conspirators headed by Friedrich Olbricht giving his approval for the Putsch if Heinrich Himmler was also present at Hitler’s meeting in Wolfsschanze (situation that did not happen) and played a small logistical role by providing the Heinkel 111 that he transported Back to Claus von Stauffenberg and Werner von Haeften to Berlin, both executive authors of the July 20, 1944 , Hitler bombing .

On July 23 of 1944 , Wagner was immediately considered suspect of conspiracy and to avoid arrest by the Gestapo and commit betrayal, committed suicide at noon on July 23.


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