Eduard Brücklmeier

Eduard Robert Wolfgang Brücklmeier ( 8 of June of 1903 – 20 of October of 1944 ) was a German diplomat, member of the resistance anti Nazi and executed for participating in the plot of July 20 of , 1944.

He was born in Munich , where he studied law, moved to Leipzig , Würzburg and Lausanne and in 1927, he entered the office of Foreign Affairs, being distinguished as a diplomat in 1930.

In 1933, when the rise of Nazism in Germany is working with minorities in Katowice , motivating its first conflict with the authorities. Anyway he joins the party in 1934 and is transferred to London in 1936 as secretary of Joachim von Ribbentrop .

In 1937, Brücklmeier marries Klothilda von Obermayer-Marnach and in 1938 returns to Berlin with Ribbentrop.

Already at that time he longs for the British government to help the dissidents in destroying the German war plans and in 1939 is denounced by his inappropriate comments with the threat of being sent to a concentration camp .

Instead, thanks to the intervention of Reinhard Heydrich is passed to immediate retirement.

Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburg , will arrange contacts between him and the group of the July 20 plot , Operation Valkyrie .

He was arrested in Prague and on 28-29 September brought before the People’s Court where Judge Roland Freisler sentenced him to death.

It is executed in Plötzensee-Berlin.


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