Dignitas (euthanasia)

Dignitas is a group Swiss who helps and assists die, with the assistance of doctors and nurses qualified people with terminal illness and physical and mental serious illnesses. They also provide assisted suicide for people with full mental faculties who must undergo a rigorous medical report prepared by a psychiatrist who will establish the patient’s condition, all of which are required by law and the Swiss Federal Court. 1 The organization has a section in Germany .


Ludwig Minelli , a lawyer and founder of the organization in 1998, interviewed in March 2008, said that Dignitas had helped until that date about 1,000 people, 60% of whom were German. 2 Most people who come to Dignitas do not plan to die, but need security in case their illness becomes incurable. Of those who have approved their possibility of euthanasia, 70% do not need their services. 2

Twenty-one percent of the people who get help in Dignitas do not have a terminal illness, but “tiredness of life.” 3

Dignitas has moved to the town of Schwerzenbach . 4


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