Dieter Wisliceny

Dietrich Wisliceny ( Regulowken , Kreis Angerburg , East Prussia , 13 of January of 1911 – Bratislava , Czechoslovakia , 27 of February of 1948 ), known as “Dieter” , was a German officer belonging to the SS Nazi , who participated actively in the Holocaust Jew of the Second World War .


Wisliceny studied Theology without completing studies. Later it worked like clerk in a construction company, finally it was applied to enter Nazi Party the year 1931 being rejected. However it was accepted in 1933 , with the number 672774. He entered the SS in 1934 with the number 107,216, that same year entered the SD and the Gestapo being under the orders of SS Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann with whom he worked until 1937 having a high degree of confidence. Between 1937 and 1940 he was assigned to the SD office in Danzig .

It ascended to SS Hauptsturmführer in 1940 and entered Section IVB4 under the orders of Eichmann again. In 1943 he was as advisor to Bratislava for the Slovaco government. He later spent almost a year in Greece , later between March and November 1944 , is transferred to Hungary with Eichmann. In January 1945 , he left Section IVB4 .

He was captured by the Allies, testified in Nuremberg and was deported to Czechoslovakia on trial for his crimes against humanity and executed by hanging in Bratislava in February 1948 .


  • SS- Hauptsturmführer – Captain 1940
  • SS- Obersturmführer – Lieutenant
  • SS- Untersturmführer – Second Lieutenant April 20, 1937

Final note

Wisliceny was the one who made the diagrams of the structure of the Central Security Office of the Reich for the trials of Nuremberg in 1945 . It was also the main witness of the trials which met the Holocaust and the participation of Adolf Eichmann and IVB4 Section .

According Adolf Eichmann in his statements before the Court of Tel Aviv, Wisliceny did not ascend to Hauptsturmführer because he was not married, which had filled with resentment toward service. This, coupled with the mocking commentary of his colleagues doubting their sexuality, meant that after the war, Wisliceny had given so detailed biographies and data of all the Holocaust participants in the Eichmann Office on Section IVB4 and on the Central Office of Security of the Reich .